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Choosing The Best Calgary House Painter

A Guide To Hiring A Calgary House Painter


Giving the home a facelift? If you’ve decided to get a Calgary house painter to do the job for you, here are a few important things to consider before you spend your money.


First off, make sure the contractor you hire has insurance. This is critical, as if anything goes wrong you do not want to get stuck with the bill.


Next, your contractor should have plenty of experience in the business. Longevity for the Calgary house painter is one of the best signs. Many contractors run out of business within the first few years of operating. Those who have stood the test of time have likely proven their adequacy at the task at hand.


Third: check your contractor’s references. A contractor will occasionally use fraudulent or less-than-reliable references. Ask for a list of references, then ask these people some questions.


Fourth: ask about who will actually be painting your home. The person you speak to initially is rarely the person who will be working inside your house! Try to become acquainted with the actual painting crew, or solicit information about them, before they make their way into your home.


Lastly, get a minimum of three quotes before you make your decision. If a contractor gets the sense that you’re willing to put up any kind of money, or aren’t smart enough to get a second or third opinion, they might raise your estimate. Always get multiple quotes before deciding on a Calgary house painter.


So there you have it. When you’re hiring a house painter there is a lot to watch out for. Hopefully this guide has proven helpful.

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